Why Pediatric Nursing?

Well, I’ve been a pediatric nurse for almost 10 years now and it’s truly a rewarding job! Here are a few reasons that I love doing what I do and I hope you’ll appreciate pediatric nursing and even consider it as a nursing career.

1. It’s’ the little things! I’ve had my best times being a pediatric nurse doing the little things that make a difference in my patient’s day. Whether it’s wiping the brow of a febrile child, getting a popsicle for a thirsty child, high-fiving a child for taking their medicines, or playing a game with a child that is bored, it’s the little things that make a shift better for the patient and for you. These things don’t always take the most time to do, but they do make the most difference. Your patients and families will appreciate you more for it.

2. It’s a family affair! When you’re caring for a sick child, you’re also caring for the parents and sometimes extended family. You’re helping the family deal with the stress of having a sick child in the hospital, which can be extremely stressful. I’ll never forget having a mother tell me that my calm demeanor helped her relax during her child’s hospital stay. It made me feel like I had done a good job of helping her cope with her child’ s illness. A calm family helps keep a child calm as well.  As a pediatric nurse, you play a huge role in helping families de-stress and deal with illness. It’s very rewarding!

3. Why not specialize? Pediatrics is one of the top nursing specialties in the field. Whether you work in the emergency department, cardiac services, intensive care or general pediatrics, you will be sure to find a good fit for your particular interests. No matter where you choose to navigate in the field of pediatrics, your job will be sure to present gratifying and challenging experiences to you.

4. You’re the biggest cheerleader! Illness and hospitalization is tough on children. They can’t always play or be with their friends or live life as they normally do while being in the hospital. Add to that having to take medications, endure procedures and sleep away from home. Hospitalization can make children very anxious. That’s where pediatric nurses come in. We cheer the kids on as they take medicines, go through procedures and tests and eventually get discharged home! It’s very satisfying to watch a child return to their normal lives after staying in the hospital and knowing that you encouraged them and held their hands through it all.

5. Children give you courage because they are very resilient. As a pediatric nurse, you get to witness their bravery up close. It seems as though they can cope with many things. Seeing their bravery makes you want to be brave with them and encourage them through their illness.

Those are just a few reasons that pediatric nursing is a great career path. I hope that you’ll consider it as a career choice and I hope to have shown you why it is so rewarding!