Whatsapp: My Favorite Apps for Travel Nurses!

My smart-phone is the most crucial piece of luggage that I take along with me on travel nurse assignments. Why? Because my apps are amazing! They seriously help to de-stress my travel nurse life. I have come to depend on them when I need to know the best route, photo, nearest gas station, restaurant or hotel. There are always alot of app options, but I will share the quick, fun and stress-free apps that have helped  make my life on assignment that much easier!


1. Around Me: This is one of my favorites! This app lists nearby gas stations, bars, coffee shops, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, taxis, etc. Even if I am looking for a specific place, I can search for it and map it with this app. It’s wonderful for road trips to my travel destination. Honorable mention: Wikitude is amazing! In addition to bars/nightlife, this app also shows nearest sights and live music.)





2. Diptic: What travel nurse doesn’t want to capture the sense of fun and adventure when on assignments? Pic collages are an excellent way to that.  Diptic is my favorite collage app. I can use many pics from one experience ( sightseeing, ball games, hiking, etc.), edit them the way I like and either save or share them. It also has a great variety of layouts, both classic and fun, to load pics to.  (Honorable mention: Pano is a great app for capturing panoramic views of those beaches, cityscapes and mountains. No collage pics with this app, but still awesome)





3. Urbanspoon: Okay, so I am a complete foodie when I am on assignment :)  What better way to explore a city than to try its cuisine? Urbanspoon is a foodie’s best friend. It sorts the city’s restuarants by cuisine, open tables, price and most popular. It also lets you reserve a table at your restuarant choice.  (Honorable mention: Eat24: If you are in the mood for delivery or pick-up, just put your address and cuisine choice in this app, place your order and voila!)




More and more apps are created by the day, so there’s no doubt even more great apps for travel nurses. Do you have any favorites? Feel free to share with me!