Scrubbing In: Should We Nurses Be Concerned?

Scrubbing In Cast

MTV recently premiered its new reality TV show “Scrubbing In”, that focuses on the lives of young and vibrant travel nurses working in Orange County, California. Dedication to patient care is portrayed by the cast, but of course so is partying, playtime and personal drama, which comes with reality television territory.  ”Scrubbing In” is no exception. Due to growing concern over the potential negative perception of nurses, some nursing organizations are calling for its cancellation. The popular online petition site, currently has a growing petition with over 30,000 signatures.

After reviewing the show’s  premiere episode, I must admit that I to am concerned about its effects on the nursing profession. Call it professional bias, but I have always held nursing in a certain honorable and noble esteem.  I worry a bit that the cast’s antics lessen that esteem.  I now find myself posing questions like this:

Will viewers begin to see young nurses as immature, dramatic and reckless? Will those perceptions weaken the influence of nurse advocacy? Will travel nurse companies have more rigorous hiring processes as a result of the cast’s behavior? Will hospitals soon be more cautious about hiring travel nurses?

These questions are great food for thought right? But hey, there is a bright side to this. Maybe “Scrubbing In” is hardly an iceberg soon to create impending doom for the field of nursing.  In the best case scenario, viewers could just chalk the show up to pure entertainment for those who tune-in.  Maybe in this case, “a cigar is just a cigar”.  Many professions have to deal with their share of negative attention. Perhaps nursing is no different.

Share your thoughts with me!  You can tune-in to “Scrubbing In” on MTV, airing Thursdays @ 12/11c.