Starting Fresh


Hi there! I want to share something with you. I’ve recently decided to put down my travel nurse bags and take a permanent nurse position. While my time as a travel nurse was a blast, I’m really looking forward to starting over in my nursing career, bringing all that I’ve learned as a traveler to a new position. Are you also starting fresh? Here’s how I think both you and I can make the most of new opportunities.

No big heads. Let’s approach our new positions as if we’re excited to learn new things, and I’m sure we will meet colleagues who are excited to teach us.

Keep an open mind! Let’s be flexible with what type of work we will do. I’m currently in the process of interviewing for a position that is nothing like what I originally set out to do. But that’s okay. If I’m not willing to at least get my foot in the door, I may set myself up for the disappointment of waiting for the perfect job that will never come.

Finally, let’s be confident, knowing that we can do the job with excellence. I’m sure that if we’re calm and confident, we can cut down on the “new person” jitters.

As you start fresh with me, let’s get excited! We’re embarking upon a new adventure. Here’s to fresh starts everywhere.